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Want to become a vendor?

We are no longer accepting applications for vendors for RAGBRAI 2017. Thank you for your interest.


Thank you for expressing interest in being a vendor for RAGBRAI®.  We would like to answer some of your questions and assist you in filling out the application.  We are very excited about RAGBRAI coming to our community on Tuesday, July 25, 2017.  We are expecting 20,000 or more RAGBRAI participants to stay overnight in our community.  It is our job to provide food for the participants and community members.  This is a large job and we need the help of many non-profit, for-profit organizations and businesses.  It is our hope that every non-profit organization and business is able to make money on this event.



PRICING:  It will be up to each vendor to set their own prices.  Our committee will be happy to assist you in making recommendations on prices.  The RAGBRAI officials recommend that a reduced price be charged to RAGBRAI participants with a wristband and anyone wearing a Clear Lake event T-SHIRT.  All registered RAGBRAI participants will have a wristband.  Note: please list your prices on the application or include a full menu.


FOOD SAFETY:  Food safety is very important.  The Cerro Gordo County Department of Health and Inspection Division will inspect all food vendors on July 25 from 8:30-9:30 am. Vendors that have questions about a temporary food permit need to call 641-421-9336 or e-mail:  The Health and Inspections Division will be monitoring all food vendors and if they find a group or organization set up selling food that has not met the requirements the vendor or group will be shut down.


HOURS:  All downtown streets will be closed on July 24th after 3:00 am. You will receive information on how to enter Clear Lake at a later date.  We are asking that you allow enough time to set up. The arrival time on July 25 will be from 5:00-7:30 am.  All food and non-food vendors must be completely set up by 8:30 am.  The Department of Health Inspectors will complete all inspections by 9:30 am.

We anticipate RAGBRAI participants will start arriving in Clear Lake by 8:00 am with the majority arriving around early afternoon. The entertainment will finish in the park at 11:30 pm.  The streets will re-open at 1:30 am.  Remember, you must be cleaned up and out of the downtown area by 1:30 am, no exceptions.


ELECTRICITY:  Please list on the Electrical application all your electrical needs.  By doing this, we will have electricity available to you. There will be an additional $75 fee for electricity. If you use 240 volts you must provide your own GFCI protection. You will also need to provide all cords and plug-ins needed.


INSURANCE:  All vendors will be required to provide a copy of your liability insurance (minimum $1,000,000).


CLEAN UP:  We ask that all vendors clean up their areas before they leave.  Dumpsters and trash cans will be provided for your convenience. Vendors are responsible to dispose of any grease, dirty water, or other materials that cannot be put into the trash cans or dumpsters. The committee recommends each food vendor schedule a clean-up crew.  All vendors located in City Park will be required to be cleaned up and out of downtown no later than 1:30 am July 26th.  Please note: If approved as a vendor a $100 deposit will be required upon your arrival on July 25.  Your deposit will be returned within 72 hours after the event if your area is cleaned properly.


SIGNAGE:  All vendors are responsible for their own signs at their booth.  The committee recommends printing neat, easily read signs including menu items and prices.  The committee also recommends each vendor have a sign they can put up if and when they run out of food or other items.  All vendors will be given an “Official RAGBRAI Vendor Sign”. You will be expected to place this sign in a prominent place. 

The vendor committee recommends that every non-profit and for-profit organization take enough time planning for this event. The groups that plan well and have something creative will do very well.  The RAGBRAI officials have told us that most of the participant’s plan where they are going to eat the night before.  It will be very beneficial for vendors to advertise in the Clear Lake tabloid. (Clear Lake Mirror Reporter (641-357-2131)

We have a number of food suppliers in our community who want to assist you with all of your needs.  Please consider purchasing your supplies locally.

The vendor committee wants this to be a great event for Clear Lake and the surrounding area.  This will happen if every group comes together and works with the RAGBRAI committee.  We believe everyone can win, but only if there is good communication and everyone works together.