Host a Rider

What Should I Expect?

What Riders Expect:

  •  Place to put their tent outside or inside floor space for a sleeping bag
  • Access, if possible, to a bathroom or shower
  • Possibly somewhere to fill a water bottle
  • Shelter if there is a storm

What a Rider Doesn't Expect:

  • Full use of your home
  • To be fed or entertained
  • Towels, soap or shampoo

What Host Can Expect:

  • Well-behaved, appreciative guests
  • Guests who respect your wishes
  • Riders to arrive early to mid afternoon and be out by 9am
  • Someone who will remember your kindness
  • To meet some fascinating people

Interested in hosting a rider?

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I can provide (check all that apply)
Tent Camping

How many?

Motor home, bus or van in driveway
I have 30 amp breaks
Shower/toilet facilities
In-house sleeping with shower/toilet facilities

# of large beds:
# of twin beds

Room for guests utilizing floor space for sleeping

For how many?:

Preferences (check all that apply)
My house is smoke freeI will allow smoking outside
Families with small childrenAll adults
All male guestsAll female guestsBoth male and female guests
Guests need to bring their own bedding

Any other information that would help us in the matching process? (occupation/interests to match):