We need volunteers

RAGBRAI will be coming to our town for an overnight stay on Tuesday, July 25. Your help is needed to host the 15,000 people that will be visiting our community. Hundreds of volunteers will be needed to perform a variety of activities.

Please help be an ambassador of your community by volunteering to help out and be part of RAGBRAI XLV. Download the form below and indicate below how you can pitch in. Volunteers are needed for two-four hour time slots. Decide which committee or committees best suit your interest and check the appropriate boxes. Please feel free to check as many as you want!

Volunteer Training Sessions

Beverage Garden Volunteers (Includes ticket sellers, ID checkers and bartenders)

June 28       Noon-1p          Surf Ballroom

June 28       5:30-6:30p       Surf Ballroom

July 19         Noon-1p          Surf Ballroom

July 19         5:30-6:30p       Surf Ballroom



July 17          Noon               HS Parking Lot

July 17          5:30p              HS Parking Lot


Intersection Traffic Control Volunteers

July 10          5p                    City Hall

July 21          5p                    City Hall


Information Center Volunteers

July 12          Noon                City Hall

July 12          5:30p               City Hall

July 15          9a                     City Hall


Volunteers (Recycling Groups)

July 17          6:30p              City Park Bandshell